(Multi-Language) Arcade Game Addiction ( 1/3 ) / 게임 중독 / Hello Jadoo TV

★ Multi-Language : English, Korean

Minji takes Jadoo to play arcade games at the local stationary store, and Jadoo becomes almost addicted to the game. She goes through the trash can to get money to play the game, and her hands start shaking when she doesn’t play the game. It becomes so unbearable that she goes to the local police station to ask them to lock her up. Jadoo’s mom tries to stop her, but when she realizes that she must intervene, she makes a very important decision.

민지따라 문방구 앞 오락실 게임을 하게 된 자두는 한 판만 더 한 판만 더 하다가 결국 이 거의 중독상태에 이르게 된다. 자두를 말리다, 이젠 더 이상 방치할 수 없는 상황에 이르렀다고 판단한 엄마는 중대한 결심을 하게되는데,..

Eng Dub, Eng Sub, Kor Sub

Hello Jadoo is about a 10-year-old girl named Jadoo who is totally a tomboy, and there are 5 members in Jadoo’s family: of course Jadoo herself, Jadoo’s mom and dad, and her two younger siblings. Hello Jadoo is a comedy and it is based on the family sitcom, which is all generations and all age groups can sympathize with, not only for children but also for many adults.

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